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Margerita ***Hotel in Modlnica offers a comprehensive organization of prom.
We have a large, air-conditioned banquet hall in a very elegant style.
At guests’ disposal we are giving the free big car park.

In addition to the great fun we offer an exquisite menu and decoration of the hall and tables.

Our offer includes:
3 hot dishes

Cold plate
(Platter of cold meats, roasted meat, poultry jelly,
chicken drumsticks, herring in cream and oil, two salads to choose from)

Ice cream with fruit, whipped cream and icing
Hot drinks: coffee and tea without restrictions
Cold drinks without restrictions

Menu Proposition:
First dish:
(Choose one set)

Chicken fillet with pineapple and cheese, French fries, salads
Pork loin with mushrooms and cheese, quartered potatoes, salads
Fillet baked with zucchini, ham and cheese, fried potato balls, salads
Genoa (pork + ham + cheese), French fries, salads
Ice cream dessert with whipped cream, fruit and topping

Second dish:
(Choose one set)

Shish kebab, chips, salad
Roast pork in mushroom sauce, dumplings, cabbage
Roast pork in mushroom sauce, dumplings, salad
Roast pork in gravy hunter, Cracow style potatoes, red cabbage
Turkey in malaga, rice, peach, cranberry, cabbage

Third dish:
(Choose one set)

Borsch soup with croquette
Soup with egg and sausage
Cold plate baked meet, Pork loin with plum / apricot, roulade of turkey drumsticks + chicken sausages + chicken jelly + herring in sour cream and oil + bread

(A choice of two types)
Vegetable, Hawaiian, tartar sauce, Mushroom, Leek, Greek
Drinks cold and hot without restrictions

Time to start a polonaise…