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Loyalty card

We thank you for the confidence you gave the Margertia*** Hotel which choosing him as the place of our stay.

We are very pleased to welcome you among the regular clients of the Hotel Margerita.


1.       The promotion associated with the loyalty card is starting on the day of 27.01.2011  and lasts until further notice.

2.       Every customer of the Margerita Hotel which isn’t using remaining promotions and discounts receives the LOYALTY card.

3.       Loyalty Card is issued and completed full name and company name on the occasion of issuing the proof of payment (receipt or invoice).

4.       The Loyalty Card can use the person whose full name appears on the card – at sight of ID card

5.       Loyalty Card is updated on the occasion of issuing the proof of payment (receipt or invoice).

6.       Every paid hotel day is equally worth for one stamp on the Loyalty Card

7.       Stamp for guest stay is issued when the settlement be charged for the stay, it is not possible to issue stamps for stays back.

8.       Customer after collecting ten stamps, receives  free eleventh accommodation which is equally worth the cheapest bed and breakfast.


Margerita*** Hotel & Restaurant