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konferencje - baner mały


We have extensive experience in a modern and professional service courses, seminars, conferences and corporate events.

Many business customers have trusted our services.
Margerita Hotel organizes and supports a variety of events:
from small meetings, sessions, seminars, banquets, to large promotional-commercial projects, conferences and balls.
We have a conference room equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, we provide accommodation, meals, and a number of additional attractions arranged individually according to customer wishes
We would like to spice up and make your stay in the facility unforgettable.
We offer very attractive prices.

Our business offer is prepared for those companies that want to professionally organize any type of business meeting.
A unique architectural design and quality finish of the Hotel Margerita make it an ideal place for meetings, conferences and training courses for managers, executives and for example key accounts.
We serve groups of up to about 250 people.
We organize a meeting from several hours to a few days.
We offer several ready and proven schemes arrangement of tables in the conference hall (illustration below), and expert advice on the organization of the event.

If you are looking for peace and quiet necessary for creative effort and mental concentration, and by the way also a successful holiday – welcome to our hotel.